DATE: 30.07.2020


CLASS: Form 3

TOPICS: Rock Types, Rock Weathering and River Processes

PLACES VISITED: Borotelatshwene Gorge, Motetane Gorge and LMS Church (Old Palapye)

On the 30th of July 2020 Kgaswe International School took their Form 3 Geography class to Malaka gorges for a practical field study of rock types, rock weathering and river processes. We visited Borotelatshwene Gorge with a world class cliff formed on a magnificently layered Sedimentary rock. The layers of the rock were quite crucial in the illustration of all major types of weathering. The rock is physically weathered by temperature range, tree roots forcing their way through rock bedding lines. The bedding lines also aid chemical weathering of this rock as they allow easy penetration of water into the rock. At Motetane Gorge we observed the formation of a waterfall and plunge pool, processes of erosion and deposition on outer and inner river banks respectively. Finally, we visited the old LMS Church at Old Palapye where we learnt a lot of history about Botswana. Pupils were actively involved throughout, asking intelligent questions, very enthusiastic and well behaved throughout.

As a Geography department, we would like to express our gratitude to our parents for allowing us such a wonderful and crucial practical field study opportunity. We hope to have more of such eye opening adventures in future.

By Mr J. Nkiwane (Geography teacher)