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Kgaswe International School is yet again very pleased to inform the Kgaswe community about our success in Cambridge Mathematics. Our student Phil Ndoro is a Top Achiever having been awarded the Outstanding Cambridge Learner award for Mathematics at IGCSE. He is therefore recognized as a top performer in Mathematics at IGCSE in the country. This is not the first time that the Mathematics Department at Kgaswe have produced Top Achievers in Mathematics. Our excellent Mathematics Teachers will continue to strive for the next next Top Achiever which we hope will be very soon. Well done Kgaswe Mathematics and Phil Ndoro.

In response to the Convid-19 lockeddown. We have launched an online teaching platform. All parent have been communicated

Dear Parents/Guardians

this week we have been extemely busy preparing the school for reopening. We are working closely with the Ministry of Basic Education to ensure your child will be completely safe when they return. We will ensure that both the Primary and Secondary Schools are COVID19 compliant to the highest possible standards. Attached are some photos from Wednesaday when we disinfected the whole school, primary and secondary. When we get approval to open we will inform you all immediately.

In addition your children will now be supported in their learning through emailed assignments, whatsapp and google classroom. If you they are not receiving these please let me know so I can follow it up with the relevant teachers.